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Insured & Certified Inspections of:
• Single Family Homes
• Condos
• Townhomes
• Apartment Buildings
The American Home Inspectors Training Institute
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training available in the profession.
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Complete Home Inspection
• On-site reports-immediate results!
• 24/7 scheduling, flexible to your needs
• Pre-sale Inspections
• New Construction Inspections
• On-site invoicing upon completion of inspection
• Meets A.S.H.I. Standards

Exterior Components:
Foundation, roof, siding, flashings, gutters, chimneys, grading, caulking, outbuildings

Structural Systems:
Foundation, beams, columns, support system

Central Heating & Cooling Systems:
Condition, design, age, fuel lines, ductwork

Plumbing System:
Condition, layout, venting, components

Electrical System:
Condition, design, connections, grounding

Building Interior:
Room-by-room analysis, kitchen, baths, fixtures, attic, basement and appliances

Gas Leak Detection:
Range, furnace, water heater, piping

Inspection Price: Only $325 Most Houses
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